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Norwegian language courses

The Norwegian language courses for healthcare professionals focus on learning the professional language of healthcare. You will learn to use Norwegian in everyday situations and when working on healthcare tasks. 

You will complete the Norwegian language courses online. The courses consist of learning material delivered once a week, including written material with assignments and audio files for pronunciation practice. In addition, you will receive a weekly test with instructions. With the help of the tests, you can monitor your learning progress. The courses also include personal Online teaching. With the help of individual Online learning, you develop your spoken language effectively. All the teaching material remains available to you. At the end of the course, you will receive a certificate of the course.

The Greenhop’s guided courses suit beginners and those who have studied Norwegian for a few years. The language courses correspond to the A2 – C2 level. The guided Norwegian language courses help you learn Norwegian effectively. 

The Norwegian courses for healthcare personnel:

The course for beginners: Norwegian 1 Helse
(A2 level, consisting of twenty learning hours)

The Norwegian 1 Helse course lasts five weeks and includes two hours of Online Teaching via Teams or Google Meet.

The Norwegian 1 Helse course for healthcare professionals includes learning the basics of the Norwegian language and the professional language of healthcare. The course is suitable for beginners and those who know the basics of the Norwegian language. The Norwegian 1 Helse course includes themes related to healthcare. The goal of the course: you will learn to understand and speak the Norwegian language and learn professional vocabulary related to healthcare. With the help of the language course, you will get the necessary language skills when you start working in the healthcare field in Norway.

Norwegian 1 Helse course costs 115,00 €.

The Norwegian 2 Helse course lasts six weeks and includes three hours of Online Teaching via Teams or Google Meet.

The Norwegian 2 Helse language course is for studying the demanding Norwegian language level (C1 level). You will improve your Norwegian language skills, learn to use the language in various healthcare-related situations and communicate even in demanding situations. With the help of the course, you will expand the healthcare-related vocabulary.

Norwegian 1 Helse course costs 169,00 €.

Weekly course materials and language tests will be sent to you by email, so remember to enter your email address when ordering the course. You will receive more detailed instructions by email before the start of the course.

How to study the courses:

The weekly material of both courses includes e.g.:

– Grammar section
– Vocabulary section
– Tasks section 
– Pronunciation section 
– Learning methods and tips section

Individual Online Teaching:

– The Norwegian 1 Helse course includes two personal Online teaching lessons, and the Norwegian 2 Helse course contains three personal lessons
– The Online learning lesson focuses on pronunciation and speaking exercises under the guidance of the teacher, as well as exercises requested by the participant
– Online learning lessons will be scheduled separately with the participant

Weekly tests:

– An independent language test related to the weekly material is sent every week

You can order from the online store (Verkkokauppa), or if you have questions, contact us by email at

The courses include a satisfaction guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with the course, you can cancel the course after the first lesson by sending a message to We will return your payment.